New Fursuit

Hoping to be able to make a new version of my fursona, Majin. She's going to have Matrices-style digitigrade legs, and hopefully beetlecat style handpaws. I plan on ordering my fur and turqois fleece from Distinctive Fabrics, as I've ordered from them once before. Their staff is very friendly and eager to help walk me through the steps of ordering, and better still, I have a coupon for money off my next order. XD
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Wow, it's been a while.

Probably because I don't really have much of anything worth posting. I've been procrastinating on Flame. All thats left to finish is one foot paw that needs furred.
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Earlier this week, my dad surprised me big time when he came home with a big blue box in the back of his track. I stood at the door and gaped at it when he lifted it up and it read on the side.....Rock Band. I think I had a stroke at the door almost. @_@

I found it so surprising because we had had several previous arguements as to weither or not I could have it. He made comments about others having problems with it and I continued to try and convince him that it had the waranty where you send it back if you have any problems and get it replaced for free. So yeah...I've been rocking hard on RockBand. Its the edition with the drums, mic, and guitar all in one. *head bangs* XD

Also: I finaly was able to get my mits on a copy of Crisis Core, Final Fantasy VII. Usually, I'm not to into the FF things, but gawd I love this game! Breath-taking movie-scenes, awesome brain-picking storey line that keeps me guessing, great characters, swords that would be physically impossible to swing in real life, what more could a gal want?!?! *flails* I give it a ten stars outta ten, paws down! However I am rather glad that I also got an issue of the gamers guide with it @_@ Jeeze, I should've thought it better then to start on hard rather then normal...Btw...WTH is up with Sephiroth? I thought was a bad dude...*scratches head*

NO SPOILERS UNTIL I BEAT IT!!! *points at spoiler people*
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Fursuit Digi-Grade Legs Help and Animated Icons

Okay well, so far the suit is still quite possible. I've convinced my grandmother that it won't take up any more space in our crouded home, so I now have her support. However, I still have one problem: The digi-grade legs. I understand how the padding works, okay! I just don't understand how to sew the fur legs to the torso of the body suit. Is there a specific way to cut out the fur leggings? Serious help needed here folks!!

And on another note:

Is there anyone here at all that is good with animation and up for a trade? I'm in need of an animated Icon for my LJ acount. I can animate, but not well enough by my standards @_@

My half of the trade will be of your choice obviously, but I simply won't draw adult themed art. No porno or anythign of the like.


Thats right folks, I've joined LJ finaly. XD And I'm in dire need of an awesome animated avatar of either Luke, or Majin! I highly doubt anyone's gonna read this, but I figured it was okay to give it a try. *shrugs*

So if you read this and have any skill what so ever animating, please do concider helping out a fellow fur!!! 

Oh, and here's a pic or two of my current full body fursuit, Luke the Dog!

I can haz tummy rub?

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